Social Media Management

Hill Coaching Company helps businesses focus on what is right with their members of staff. The help identify, understand and build on individual's and teams' natural talents and strengths. 

Digital Boss continue to work closely with The Hill Coaching Company team to ensure we publish in the correct tone of voice and update their social channels on a daily basis. As well as this, creating marketing concepts and advising on how to best utilise videos within their strategy, which has been a success. Within the first month we executed a digital strategy which resulted in taking their digital reach to the next level, publishing content which consequently meant a spike in audience growth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
CLIENT satisfaction
"Using Digital Boss was a very easy decision for me. The idea of running social media accounts by myself wasn't ideal. I like the fact that you guys offer the full package and have taken everything off my hands. You're quite affordable on the price range too!"

Oliver Hill