Targeted Social Media Campaign

Reach your target market and track the response real-time.
At Digital Boss, we use bespoke social media marketing software which we have had specifically built for our requirements, making our offering unique to any other. Our software is powerful, and is capable of delivering a high volume of clicks to your chosen URL in a short amount of time. Our campaigns are not lost among other social media posts that appear in news feeds. Instead, our software sends a notification to your target market’s mobile phone, providing your campaign with maximum impact and the highest volume of possible clicks. Our targeted social media campaigns have delivered up to a 1 in 3 click through ratio (33%). 

The 5 steps we take when creating new targeted social media campaigns are:
1) Listen and understand the campaign
2) Identify the target market
3) Create an attractive message that generates clicks
4) Generate trackable links, which deliver real-time stats that you have full access to
5) Run the campaign and manage it daily until completion

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