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I DELETED Snapchat!

Digital Content Manager Chris Reeve takes you through his decision to ditch Snapchat once and for all…   That’s right; it’s gone, I’m done. I finally made the call for the first time in my life, to delete a social media platform.   Let’s cut straight to it, this is why I made the decision: More people […]

How to become the King of Content for your Industry

It’s highly likely that most of you who are reading this would have heard of the phrase from Bill Gates in 1996: ‘content is king’ – and when it comes to your digital marketing, we conquer.   Here’s why your business should really be tuning in to content marketing:   Thought Leadership Committing to writing a […]

Your Instagram, on steroids!

“It’s not about the quantity of Instagram followers you have,” you may have heard marketers say. Meanwhile, you’re secretly thinking of how satisfying it is when your personal account hits the 100 follower mark, the 1,000 follower mark, and so on. Check out our top Instagram tips to grow your following on this platform below. It’s […]

Why your camera is the new keyboard

Stories have taken over!    If you don’t know what stories are by now, you might actually be living in a cave. It’s fast becoming the default for the majority of social content consumption. The stories blast-off across pretty much all the main platforms; Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger and Facebook now leads the way, sitting […]

LinkedIn Lightning

There’s no doubt that using LinkedIn should now be daily practise. If you’re struggling to find the time, follow these simple steps to still strike each day.   Question Don’t be afraid to post questions to your LinkedIn connections. The response you’ll get from this tends to be better and more useful than any other platform. […]

Live Has Landed – 5 Top Tips!

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram all have LIVE features. Is your business utilising them? Here’s our tops five tips for getting started with LIVE on all channels: 1. Purpose: “What’s the point in going live?” I hear you say. It’s mega important to define your overall objective before you press the big red live button. Engagement levels […]

The Power Of LinkedIn Published Posts

LinkedIn Publishing can be a very powerful tool for any business person looking to promote their company:   1. Build your brand with ‘thought leadership’ blog posts. It’s quite simple – Write about the industry you specialise in and you will establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. Meanwhile, with each blog that goes out on LinkedIn, you’re building […]