How to become the King of Content for your Industry

It’s highly likely that most of you who are reading this would have heard of the phrase from Bill Gates in 1996: ‘content is king’ – and when it comes to your digital marketing, we conquer.


Here’s why your business should really be tuning in to content marketing:


Thought Leadership

Committing to writing a regular blog/article will do wonders for your reputation, both with your prospective customers and within your industry! If you’re always talking about the upcoming trends in the market, what’s the next big thing – it’s more than likely you will be at the forefront of your target market’s mind. They will be ready to press that big red ‘buy now’ button! Posting your latest ramble on your LinkedIn account will do wonders for your newly found ‘thought leadership’ aura too. Writing a blog a week is a fantastic start!


SEO Effective

Not only will organic content do wonders for your reputation, but it will also massively help your SEO (Google ranking) as well. Using relevant keywords to your business within your regular blogs will chip away at that seemingly mountainous task of climbing up higher within the Google search terms. Content ticks another box when it comes to your website!


Social Media Gold

We see re-hashed articles littered throughout Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all the time now. Why share someone else’s content when you can drive extra clicks to your own website instead? Sharing your own content is a win-win. As well as creating an overall thought leader aura, you will also quite quickly see people follow your brand on your social platforms too. Obviously it’s always better if you can reach your target market via as many methods as possible – again, so they’re always subconsciously thinking about your brand. You can share your blogs on social media more than once! Be sure to use ‘ICYMI’ as an excuse to re-share.


So there you have it, you can now officially be knighted the ‘king of content’ for your industry. Wait – there’s one problem, “But I don’t have the time to write a regular blog post on my website,” we hear you say. Well in which case, you should definitely be considering outsourcing to a company which completes the job to the highest possible standard, and always remains punctual to deadlines.


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