Why Donald Trump is Twitter’s Best Friend

Why Donald Trump is Twitter's Best Friend

Donald Trump loves to call out online – his chosen platform? Twitter. 


It seems that Twitter has a new best friend in Mr Trump.


Twitter has seen an increase in downloads in recent months and daily active user growth is accelerating, particularly in the US. Is this down to Donald Trumps consistently edgy tweets?

It’s evident that Trump has given consumers a reason to sign up and use Twitter, even if it’s to bite back at him. It’s another reason for public figures to put content on the platform – I’m sure the Twitter CEO is secretly loving it. The Twitter iOS app has been a solid top 20 download throughout the beginning of 2017. A lot of the big social media influencers are claiming Trump is directly responsible for this spike. The platform is basically getting a second shot to attract new users because of the amount of publicity Trump is giving the platform.

This really could be the lifeline Twitter so desperately needs, especially after it’s downturn in revenue coming out the back of 2016 Q4. However, despite the increased losses, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey defiantly said that 2016 had been “a transformative year” for the service.

Chief operating officer of Twitter; Anthony Noto, has dismissed the idea that the “Trump effect” had been a key factor in user growth. He goes on to mention that while Donald Trump had shown “the power of Twitter” and has definitely broadened awareness of the social media platform, it’s a big ask for  “an event or a single person” to make such a difference. Donald Trump’s tweets – and the reactions they provoke – may have become essential viewing for journalists and the markets. Whether they make Twitter a great destination for advertisers is a different matter…


Are you fed up of the 140 character platform? How important is Twitter to your business?


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