I DELETED Snapchat!

Digital Content Manager Chris Reeve takes you through his decision to ditch Snapchat once and for all…


That’s right; it’s gone, I’m done. I finally made the call for the first time in my life, to delete a social media platform.


Let’s cut straight to it, this is why I made the decision:

  • More people are using Instagram Stories than the Snapchat app, which has a total of 166 million daily users. Being able to access a large, rapidly growing audience is important to any business or influencer.
  • A huge downside of Snapchat Stories is the fact that you have to swipe to the left to even see them within the app. The UX (user experience) is pretty bad. Whereas with Instagram, stories appear right at the top of every user’s home feed as soon as they open the app. This will ultimately result in more eyes on your message.
  • The Instagram direct mail interface is well-integrated with other aspects of the app. As a consumer – for example – if I see an amazing deal on the Protrition account, I’m just two clicks away from sharing it with my entire friendship group. Additionally, Instagram always displays users’ profile pictures, making it very difficult to accidentally send anything to the wrong person. Which we all know, could be very awkward…
  • Anyone for a filter? Whilst Snapchat has been previously accused of ripping off small-time artists, Instagram is more original in the majority of its designs. They’re better rendered to your face too, so you won’t have a dog’s tongue dangling off your left earlobe.
  • Instagram have taken Snapchat’s location tags and made them undeniably better. You can search by location and start looking at anyone’s story from any corner of the globe; it’s so much easier to start following people you didn’t know.
  • Snapchat is tacky. Especially for business. There’s far too many Bitmoji and hundreds of different types of sparkles. Instagram stickers, on the other hand, are all very clean cut and compliment a story well.
  • Instagram have continuously developed new writing tools for their app, whilst Snapchat haven’t updated theirs since they first launched.
  • You can’t boomerang on Snapchat. For anyone who doesn’t understand what a boomerang is, it’s an extremely visually appealing feature which can make drinks look like they’re pouring themselves back into their bottles, for example. Snazzy.
  • Recent research from various sources suggests people feel like they absolutely ‘need’ to check out the latest Instagram stories, while users will go through Snapchat stories like a tick-list, then not return to the app as much. This is due to the uninspired UX.
  • Why stay on a social media platform which doesn’t help you reach your target market? Think of it this way: are directors of SMEs likely to be found taking a dog selfie on Snapchat?


Even at the end of the process of trying to delete my account, Snapchat tried their very best to stop me from quitting. Masking the ‘delete my account’ option through three unnecessary pages, and forcing me to do so through my browser as opposed to the app.


As a business, it’s key to realise which social media platforms will best deliver your brand to the right audience. Here at Digital Boss, we’ll always be transparent on this from the offset, so you’re not investing your marketing budget in a platform which won’t deliver you results.


Do you want advice on which platform is best for your business’s target market? You might even need your social media strategy looked after completely…


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