The Power Of LinkedIn Published Posts

LinkedIn Publishing can be a very powerful tool for any business person looking to promote their company:


1. Build your brand with ‘thought leadership’ blog posts.

It’s quite simple – Write about the industry you specialise in and you will establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. Meanwhile, with each blog that goes out on LinkedIn, you’re building credibility for your business.

Published posts are like getting a letter through your front door. You can’t ignore it, you have to pick it up. Once you publish your blog, it sends a notification to every single one of your connections. Power up!

Let’s use Ben for an example. Ben owns a coffee shop in central Norwich. He takes our advice and starts to utilise the LinkedIn published post facility.

In the short term he’s not going to see a sudden rush of customers queuing up for a caramel latte. Instead, by blogging consistently once a week he stays at the front of potential customers brains.

So next time someone needs a place to meet a client, or a lunchtime coffee get away, they’ll turn up and give his coffee shop a try.

As well as this,  he’s creating a ‘coffee connoisseur’ credibility for his business.  Suppliers of the latest flavours of coffee beans post him free samples and ask for his opinion.

Be more like Ben.



2. Leverage LinkedIn’s high search ranking = Reach more people.

The algorithm-wizards at Google loves LinkedIn. The professional networking platform is one of the top 5 sites that Google indexes (along with YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter). Therefore, publishing on LinkedIn can help you drive traffic to your Profile, Company Page and Company Website. Awesome!

Here’s the cool part. If your organisations website already has a blog, you can reap the rewards further by re-posting it as a ‘published post’ on LinkedIn. Cut the blog in half (yep, you heard us) then be sure to add a footer that says, “Read more over on” and insert a hyperlink back to your organisations website. It’s a really handy way of driving website visits.

You can take this strategy even further by taking advantage of Google’s very own Keyword  tool to quickly get hold of relevant keywords that are being searched for more frequently. You can even filter results by geographic location too. Whack these within your blogs for Digital Boss bonus points.


3. Kick start your lead-gen Machine!

Trust us, publishing evergreen content on LinkedIn profiles can help you build your business over time. Be patient and stick to it. LinkedIn posts should be seen as another very handy lead-gen funnel, introducing new faces to your business and driving traffic from LinkedIn to your company page and website.

On top of all this, the LinkedIn post analytics feature means you can learn about your audience in further detail. Boom.


If you’d like to know more about how to utilise LinkedIn for your business, get in touch:


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