Live Has Landed – 5 Top Tips!

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram all have LIVE features. Is your business utilising them? Here’s our tops five tips for getting started with LIVE on all channels:

1. Purpose: “What’s the point in going live?” I hear you say. It’s mega important to define your overall objective before you press the big red live button. Engagement levels have the potential to be up to 10 times higher for live content, however – this is only if you are creating content people actually care about, interested in and want to engage with. Think call to action – What action do you want the viewer to take during/after they have viewed your live content?

2. Interact: Live streaming is all about interacting with the audience. You’ve got to be flexible. Be sure to listen to what your audience are commenting and then and give them live feedback. Thanks them for any praise they give you. This will increase the value and authenticity. If you don’t have the ability to do this, going live might be a waste of time for you…

3. Lights, camera, action!: Okay, picture this – You’ve justa started your first live stream and half way through it goes down. Game, over. This is (literally) an audience turnoff, so be prepared and make sure you’ve got a backup 4G dongle as back up just in case your wifi goes down for some reason. Don’t worry, it even happens to the big-boys. My favourite case of this was when it happened to BuzzFeed during an interview with… **Barack Obama**.

4. After Live: Share your live video again on Facebook for those of your audience that prefer to consumer video on demand. Non-live content still has lots of value. Also bare ion mind what Instagram and Snapchat can do for your brand, even if your live stream is only on Facebook and YouTube.

5. Promotion: The most important thing – Make sure people see it! A live stream needs plenty of supporting ‘promo hype’ outputs to let the audience know you’re going live tomorrow, in an hour etc. Utilise key influencers within your sector to generate extra live views; a content strategy to develop loyal fans; and a paid campaign to target the right audience. The best live streams go out to the widest audeince possible and are cross promoted across multiple platforms.

We hope these tips have helped you get started with live video on social media! Let’s talk soon about how we can help you with your social media and content strategy.

Happy sharing!

The Digital Boss


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