Loyalty System

Create a reason for users to return to your website, and they will.
Digital Boss came up with the idea from scratch, to introduce a loyalty points system/gamification function to a student orientated website. After discussing the business model with the client, it was clear that the competitions area of the SPG website was very popular - and for good reason: students love free stuff!

So, we took the competitions concept and developed an idea which encourages users to return to the site, where they earn points for completing challenges to win prizes. As a user's points add up, new challenges are unlocked enabling students to play for higher value prizes, and the user with the highest score at the end of a competition wins the prize.

We named this concept Tribe due to the ranking system, adding an extra element of fun to the game. Digital Boss delivered the idea, visuals and implemented this into a user friendly function to the existing responsive website.
The Student Pocket Guide
Gamification, Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design