Record Label Launch

This exciting and ongoing brief started with Digital Boss creating a company logo, responsive website, artist photography and artwork for music singles released by new label A6 Records.

Initially Digital Boss listened to the client to truly understand the aim and vision of A6 Records. Furthermore, we listened A LOT to the music they were due to release - only then could we really get a feel for the project. The music sounded edgy, bold, unique and memorable. The logo Digital Boss created was designed to reflect these aspects, and we purposely used just two colours in order to keep the logo slick, reversible, and usable in a silhouette format.

The website is a WordPress responsive site editable via a secure admin area. This puts A6 Records in full control of being able to publish and edit content. The site has a built in audio player as well as an events calendar and buttons to purchase music via iTunes.

The artwork for the first single ‘Foolin' Me’ was designed to have a mature, grounded and personal feeling, reflecting the artist's sound. The artwork for the second single ‘We’ll See’ had an edgier and brighter cover, in-fitting with the music video which is highly impactful from the moment it starts. Our aim was to not only reflect the sound and style of the artist, but also create continuity between the two designs, which will flow through with the new artwork as we continue to design.

We had meetings to discuss and shoot a creative music video for the urban blues, singer-songwriter/rapper Arron Erskine. Digital Boss scripted the story, arranged locations, props and extras and the video was filmed, edited and published within 4 working days.