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The MAJOR algorithm change to Instagram you need to know about!

Since Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion in 2012, there were a lot of raised eyebrows by marketers around the globe. Why would Mr Zuckerberg pay such a price for what was at the time, an extremely successful social media start up? Over the years it’s been slowly revealed why… It’s no secret that Facebook […]

How to become the King of Content for your Industry

It’s highly likely that most of you who are reading this would have heard of the phrase from Bill Gates in 1996: ‘content is king’ – and when it comes to your digital marketing, we conquer.   Here’s why your business should really be tuning in to content marketing:   Thought Leadership Committing to writing a […]
Why Donald Trump is Twitter's Best Friend

Why Donald Trump is Twitter’s Best Friend

Donald Trump loves to call out online – his chosen platform? Twitter.    It seems that Twitter has a new best friend in Mr Trump.   Twitter has seen an increase in downloads in recent months and daily active user growth is accelerating, particularly in the US. Is this down to Donald Trumps consistently edgy […]