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Your Instagram, on steroids!

“It’s not about the quantity of Instagram followers you have,” you may have heard marketers say. Meanwhile, you’re secretly thinking of how satisfying it is when your personal account hits the 100 follower mark, the 1,000 follower mark, and so on. Check out our top Instagram tips to grow your following on this platform below. It’s […]

Why your camera is the new keyboard

Stories have taken over!    If you don’t know what stories are by now, you might actually be living in a cave. It’s fast becoming the default for the majority of social content consumption. The stories blast-off across pretty much all the main platforms; Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger and Facebook now leads the way, sitting […]

The History of Social Media

When discussing social media, most people are always focused on the latest updates, new looks and algorithm changes. But what about the history of social media?   1997 – Social Media is born! The first social media website (widely debated) was Six Degrees. It was founded by financial analyst and legal professional Andrew Weinreich. This […]
Why Donald Trump is Twitter's Best Friend

Why Donald Trump is Twitter’s Best Friend

Donald Trump loves to call out online – his chosen platform? Twitter.    It seems that Twitter has a new best friend in Mr Trump.   Twitter has seen an increase in downloads in recent months and daily active user growth is accelerating, particularly in the US. Is this down to Donald Trumps consistently edgy […]