Your Instagram, on steroids!

“It’s not about the quantity of Instagram followers you have,” you may have heard marketers say. Meanwhile, you’re secretly thinking of how satisfying it is when your personal account hits the 100 follower mark, the 1,000 follower mark, and so on. Check out our top Instagram tips to grow your following on this platform below. It’s Instagram, on steroids!



Establishing a theme for your pictures is a great way of making your audience realise it’s your content straight away, without having to think about it. You will very quickly begin to create a personal brand which your audience will recognise instantly. You can easily establish a theme by using any editing app for the iPhone/Android. For example, you might choose to crop your pictures to a specific size and format them to have the same filter. Try adding a water mark if you’re a running a business account too.


We would recommend you try and post to Instagram every day. Be as consistent as possible, and you’ll keep yourself and/or your business at the forefront of people’s minds. If you’re struggling for content, don’t worry; even if you space out your posts every three days to begin with, that’s okay. Just keep in mind that your followers need feeding!


Instagram Steroids

Alright, this is where the steroids come in. Digital Boss is now offering your business the chance to utilise our bespoke software, meaning you can now get your brand in front of your exact target audience, at a quicker rate than ever before. These days on social media, it’s not rare for you to publish good quality content, then spend forever waiting for a bite. The best way to describe our software would be that it’s like getting a letter through your door; you have to pick it up. You can’t ignore it!

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Due to the ever changing algorithm, we’d advise that posting your pictures at the right time is more important than ever before. You don’t want your eye-catching images – which you’ve spent a good five minutes of your valuable time editing – to get lost in the Instagram traffic. There’s a tonne of articles online about the ‘optimum time’ to post on Instagram, and we’d agree that there is one, but it’s always different depending on when your target audience are online. We’ll let you into a secret though: try using Wednesday at 17:04. That seems to be working very well for us at the moment!



Definitely utilise the stories feature. Again, this is a great way of being at the top of your followers’ feed as soon as you update it. This feature is great for behind the scenes shots, interviews and more. You can create a theme for these and tap into various locations too. It’s really booming here over the course of 2017 so far. Experiment, and most importantly have fun with it; your followers will enjoy your good vibes!


Much like stories, this a a really useful feature to get your audience’s attention. Some of your followers will be notified when you go live as well, so it’s guaranteed engagement. Again, this is great for launching special offers, new products, or even just for quick updates on the go!


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